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We, at Schoonbee Landgoed, strongly believe in the development of the immediate surrounding communities by means of structured and monitored involvement.  Soccer is one of the most prominent sports played in South Africa, and we boast our own Schoonbee Landgoed soccer team.

Meet the Schoonbee Landgoed Soccer Team:

The team plays in the local league and has grown tremendously under the coaching and leadership of William Podile (coach) and Robert Soka (manager).

Patrick Leshaba is the organiser and first aider on the team and he ensures uniforms are ready for each match. The team was formed in 2010 (previously Apollo Rangers) and has been growing ever since.  In 2010 Schoonbee Landgoed soccer team also brought home the prestigious and much sought after Eskom cup and are determined to bring it home once again.

The team has obtained sponsorship for bags and outfits from Laeveld Agrochem:

The very proud wearers are, from left to right, in photograph:

Standing:  Ista Upton(Schoonbee Landgoed Managing Director), William Podile(Coach), Adolf Sumbane, Thomas Mapalekane, Moses Hlongwane, Justice Ndonye, Laurence Mokgalabone, Tiego Thlapane, Glen Manasoe, Lebanda Moeng, Patrick Leshaba (First Aid and Organiser), Robert Soka (Team Manager), Pieter Dreyer (Sponsor Lowveld Agrochem),

Kneeling:  Richard Maluleque, Thabo Sedibeng, Gideon Sibeyi, Godfrey Phahlamohlaka,  Titus Mokgotho, Boetie Louw, Thabiso Nthebolang.

Ethical Trading

SIZA (Sustainable Initiative of South Africa)

The programme was established as a pro-active response by the South African fruit industry under the mantle of Fruit South Africa to promote sound and ongoing improvement of ethical labour practices on South African fruit farms and pack houses. It is an holistic programme that identifies problems that may exist, usually by way of an independent third party audit and responds with appropriate support and interventions, including awareness-raising and relevant capacity-building programmes. While the SIZA programme has been initiated by the fruit industry, it is applicable and open to all agricultural industries in South Africa. The SIZA programme is underpinned by a number of principles including: adoption of a single South African Standard and audit process and methodology that is aligned to local law and international standards; non-duplication of audits and support for ongoing improvement of labour practices on farms.
(Content from http://www.siza.co.za/siza-programme.php)

Video from SIZA South Africa (https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=30&v=wwMt2QwZPtk)