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Technology and farming has never been used in the same sentence for decades. Farming as you know it has changed completely and technology helps us keep ahead in the market.

We make use of computer controlled solutions in every part of the farming process. Irrigation and fertilizer is controlled by computer software that has time based schedules for irrigation appliction. Soil moisture is monitored by probes placed in strategic places and weather paterns is monitored by onsite weatherstations. We are therefore able to apply the right amount of water at the right time on our produce.

Groblersdal has summer rainfall and with rain comes the danger of hail. We have covered our soft citrus and grapes with hail netting to ensure the protection of our produce and this help to boost the quality of the product. There is however another positive side to the reflective hail netting and this is that it creates an micro climate and water is saved due to the fact that there is less evaporation of water.

Our packhouses have controlled computer systems installed to start and stop the production process. Fruit is the sorted by Compac and Vizier fruit sizers. This helps that little or no hands handle the produce.
We developed a grape punnet packing line in conjuction with Vizier Systems to ensure grape punnets are packed at market specification. This packing line has been named the "A3 Punnet Conveyor". Follow this link to Vizier System's Youtube channel to see the conveyor in action.

We have a 300 pallet coldroom that is PPECB accredited. Our coldrooms are also accredited for export by the Department of Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries. Our coldrooms are build to industry standard. By using the latest computer control and monitoring software our coldrooms have a pull down time of 17 hours. Fruit enter the coldroom at around +21°C and placed in tunnels that pull the pallets down to -0.5°C for grapes and +7°C for citrus.

We have a degreening facility to degreen our citrus in the begining of our citrus season. This plant has 3 rooms and each room can accomodate about 900 bins.