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With current market research by ourselves and The Grape Company we are able to establish what are the best cultivars to plant, we have a variety of cultivars in production and this is produced on 200ha under hail-netting. We strive to be the market leaders in quality grapes and ensure that all produce are of excellent quality, by producing quality and not quantity we ensure our clients of the best grapes season after season. We are able to produce the first export table grapes for the South African table grape season due to our geographic location.

The different harvest weeks with the cultivars are indicated in the table below.

Week 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 01 02 03
Grapaes Seedless                      
Flame Seedless                    
Desert Dawn Seedless                  
Ralli Seedless                          
Midnight Beauty Seedless                    
Sable Seedless                      
Dan Ben Hannah                    
Red Globe              
Crimson Seedless                
Scarlotta Seedless                        



The Grape Company

We are the sole supplier for The Grape Company in Limpopo and we export our table grapes exclusively with the The Grape Company.


Our table grapes are always packed to each individual market or client specifications. Each box and pallet produced has a tracebility record and this is tested througout each season.