A Landgoed Lekker Braai

- 12th September 2023

The Schoonbee family is proud to be the custodians of agricultural land in Groblersdal, Limpopo. Schoonbee Landgoed is a business that is anchored deep into the Loskop Valley and South Africa. Braaiing is ingrained in our culture as South Africans, and definitely at Schoonbee Landgoed.

This year, celebrating the privilege to enjoy a braai with friends, family and colleagues is extra special as we get to light our fires during the Rugby World cup season – especially as it overlaps with South Africa’s Heritage Day on 24 September, which is also informally celebrated as Braai Day.

What is a braai?

A quick google search will tell you that a braai in South Africa is the equivalent of an American barbeque. Although there are similarities, all South Africans know The Braai is much more. Braais are not just for special occasions or events, they are a frequent (even habitual) way of cooking food in our country. We design our homes and gardens with the braai area, or an ideal spot for our Weber, in mind.

Braais mainly happen over a wood fire, which takes time to create coals cool enough to prepare your meat and veggies on without charring. It is the time spent between lighting the fire and having your meal that creates space to unwind, connect and have fun. It is a common ground and an opportunity to invite new people into your home.

What do we braai?

South Africans are experts at creating dishes that feature the smokey flavours from these well-prepared wood fires. We have braaimasters like Jan Braai, and reality TV competitions like The Ultimate Braai Master that test South Africans braaing skills and ingenuity in different difficult braaing circumstances. Impressing your friends and family with a new recipe, or well-known favourite, cooked over the coals is on many a South African’s agenda. Braaiing brings out the creative side in many a cook and a wide variety of foods can be prepared in this way from well-known meat cuts, marinated meats, livers, skaapstertjies to toasted sandwiches (braai broodjies). Even veggies like brinjals, corn, mushrooms and asparagus can provide lovely charry and smokey sides. Who can forget the Braai Pie made popular in a 2018 how-to video created by Suzelle DIY.

Braai Tips from our Team:

Schoonbee Landgoed is home to a few passionate braai enthusiasts and here are some of their ultimate tips:

  1. Ensure you have the correct tools: a shovel to move hot coals, a wire brush to clean the braai grid and, of course, a good pair of tongs.
  2. Good lighting: how else would you be able to see if you’ve burnt the meat?!
  3. Focus: don’t get distracted. You have one job!
  4. There are many recipes and YouTube videos, but at the end of the day you must trust your gut feeling. Intuition is the best guide.
  5. Be patient: It doesn’t help to braai on the flames.
  6. Build a secondary fire so that you have hot coals on hand to add to the main braai and regulate the heat.
  7. Fresh lemon juice works wonders on any meat over the fire.
  8. “Braaibroodjies” should be buttered on the outside and braaied slowly. The true test of any braaimaster is if he can braai the sandwiches to a perfect golden brown without burning them. We do write braaibroodjie advice with caution!
  9. Cheap wood is often wet and creates coals that burnt out too quickly. Build a strong relationship with your wood supplier to ensure you get top quality wood and avoid disappointment.
  10. If you’re planning a potjie, patience and faith are your two best friends. Trust that your potjie will do its thing instead of lifting the lid too often and allowing the precious aromas and heat to escape.
  11. Your wors is ready when you can snap it with your tongs.
  12. Braai your steak over very hot coals to get a medium-rare steak and always take your steak off the heat sooner rather than later.
Hans Pretorius, Vleismark’s experienced blockman, has been practicing his trade for 17 years. Hans is the hands behind every premium cut of meat prepared for the Our Local Butcher range.

Our Local Butcher

As part of our “Made in the Loskop Valley” initiative, Schoonbee Landgoed collaborated with the renowned local butchery, Vleismark, to produce the “Our Local Butcher” range for our online shop. Vleismark started as a little shop on the Schoonbee Landgoed farm in the late 1970s. Their freshly hand-cut, flavourful meat and authentic recipes gained much popularity locally, leading to their expansion and move to bigger facilities in the small agricultural town of Groblersdal.

The philosophy of this renowned butchery is simple: they believe meat brings people together.

Wild vir Wildsvleis

A wide variety of game roam freely on the Schoonbee Landgoed farm. We are excited to make this healthy, lean meat available to you directly through our online store. Venison is gaining popularity as an alternative to red meat. Our free-range game is naturally lean and a source of protein that is rich in essential nutrients.

The superior taste of our healthy, lean Venison Wors is a great introduction for those new to the delicious, distinct taste of ‘wildsvleis’. Our Extra Lean Venison Mince is made from game that has not been treated with any hormones and antibiotics.

Nou gaan ons braai

Our Braai Box contains all you need for your next braai, in one convenient box: Biltong for snacking around the fire, Mandarin Juice to quench the braai master’s thirst, lemon juice for marinades and salad dressings, boerewors, rump and espetadas to throw on the coals, and a Classic Meringue Roll for dessert.