Bulk up on value with our BIG Grated Boerseep Tubs

- 6th October 2022

The cleaning power and cost-effectiveness of our Grated Boerseep as a laundry detergent concentrate has amazed and impressed our customers since launching in early 2022.

The best washing powder I have used. – Sharon

Amazing as a stain remover. – Cornelia

Cleans grease and oil like magic. – Penny

The original 500g tin makes enough to wash 160 loads of laundry at a cost of R1.25 per load. Our new bulk grated boerseep tubs ease the cost of living even further: Our 1kg tub allows you to do 320 loads of laundry at a cost of R1 per load while our 2.5kg tub allows you to do 800 loads of laundry at a cost of 81c per load.

How does one use Grated Boerseep as laundry detergent?

The first step is to dissolve 250ml of Grated Boerseep in 5 litres of hot water and allow the mixture to set into a gel. This pre-mixed gel can be used to wash dishes or as a multi-surface cleaner in the kitchen and bathroom. In addition, Boerseep is excellent as a carpet and upholstery cleaner. Boerseep can even be used to wash your pets and keep bugs and ticks at bay.

For laundry, 125ml of gel is dissolved in a jug of warm water and added to a load of washing. This gel is safe for hand and automatic washing with hot and cold water, and suitable for all washing machines. Our Grated Boerseep is fragrance-free and can be used as a neutral detergent or in conjunction with fabric softener. Alternately, you can add essential oils with your fragrance of choice with every load.

For tough stains the gel should be applied generously and soaked overnight for the best results. Boerseep removes all kinds of organic stains including grease, red wine, blood, gravy, grass and mud.

To make it easier to prepare your laundry detergent concentrate, our Grated Boerseep Tub & Bucket Combo includes a 1kg tub of grated boerseep and a convenient 5L bucket.

As part of the “Natural Living” products we offer online, boerseep is a biodegradable and eco-friendly product. This pure and versatile soap contains no harmful additives and is greywater safe.

By providing you with a versatile and chemical free cleaning solution for your household, we believe we can jointly reduce our impact on the environment without sacrificing on our living standards.

Our range of Traditional Boerseep products

Boerseep is a time-honoured soap that has a rich history and origins dating back hundreds of years. The traditional recipe and versatile soap have been treasured throughout generations. Schoonbee Landgoed Boerseep is exclusively handcrafted by Corne Botha from VELD Boerseep, on the family farm Grootrietvlei, in the neighbouring mountains.

Our luxurious Boerseep body bars are suitable for all skin types and are healthy for your skin as they consists only of tallow, spring water with lye, and a bouquet of hand selected essential oils. Boerseep body bars can be used for body and face care, has moisturising properties and is ideal for individuals with eczema, psoriasis or sensitive skin.

Boerseep is a multi-purpose household cleaner, ideal to use as a daily laundry detergent as well as stain remover on white or coloured fabric. To make life easier, we stock pre-grated boerseep that only need to be dissolved in warm water to become a multi-purpose household cleaner or concentrated laundry detergent.

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