How are the products packaged to maintain their freshness until delivery?


When transporting our products, we use sturdy premium boxes with insulated polyester wall inserts to keep the products cool and fresh and to protect the contents.

Inside this box, you will find our export quality grapes are packaged in “heat sealed punnets” which are unique to Schoonbee Landgoed and use 30% less plastic compared to normal clamshell punnets. The display of our grapes in these punnets are stunning and we have the peace of mind that it is the best packaging available globally to protect the freshness of our table grapes.

We also freeze the juice partially so that it keeps the box chilled until delivery, which reduces the waste of including disposable ice packs. Freezing provides benefits to our consumers, as it ensures the HPP product remains under the five degrees Celsius cooling threshold throughout distribution, giving extra days that our consumers can keep the fresh juices at home. Various organoleptic tests by our own team as well as independent laboratories confirmed that freezing in combination with HPP preservation enhances taste without having any negative impact on the health characteristics of the juice. Organoleptic testing involves the assessment of flavour, odour, appearance and mouthfeel of the juice. 

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