Harvested locally from the abundant Loskop Valley

- 23rd February 2023

Schoonbee Landgoed is excited to bring you the first harvest of the South African kiwi fruit season. Our sweet, smooth Cape Gold Kiwis are produced in the lush Loskop Valley by Malan Terblanche Boerdery.

Green vs Gold

The difference between green and golden kiwi fruit is more than just skin deep. Golden kiwis are smooth with golden-brown skin and yellow flesh. They are sweeter with a mild, tropical flavour and don’t have the usual tang of green kiwis.

Both varieties are bursting with nutritional benefits. Kiwi fruit are packed with antioxidants that help remove free radicals from the body, are low in calories and are a rare source of both soluble and insoluble fiber. Kiwis are a low Glycemic Index food which makes them a good choice for diabetics.

Golden kiwis however have double the Vitamin C of green kiwis and half a serving (one golden kiwi) gives you your full recommended daily requirement. The skin of golden kiwis are a good source of folate (Vitamin B9) which is critical for your liver, skin, hair and eyes. Folate also helps to keep your nervous system working properly and is essential during pregnancy.

How to enjoy your Golden Kiwis

Kiwi fruit only begin to ripen after harvest. Store them at room temperature until they are fully ripe (they should give to slight pressure like an avocado or a peach). Once they are ripe, store your kiwi fruit in the refrigerator.

Kiwi fruit are a wholesome snack and golden kiwis even more so as their smooth, thinner skin is more palatable. Add them unpeeled to a smoothie or your morning muesli for an extra burst of goodness to start your day. Enjoy them as a delicious addition to a fruit salad, a beautiful dessert topping or an elegant garnish.

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