Natural Living with Lamonne Lifestyle Products

- 12th July 2022

Schoonbee Landgoed’s first “Made in the Loskop Valley” collaboration was with Larissa Kamstra who developed our popular Lamonne Sugar Body Scrub. Our partnership has grown with the addition of two new handcrafted products to our Natural Living range of products: Lamonne Freshening Spray and Lamonne Sanitising Spray.

Handcrafted and Natural

Larissa Kamstra is a young entrepreneur who shares her family’s love for natural, healthy products that are handmade with loving care.

Lamonne Lifestyle products were born out of Larissa’s nurturing nature: her first product was a sugar body scrub created as a gift to soothe her loved one’s hands which were dry from constant sanitising during the pandemic. Her scrub received great reviews and was soon developed into a fully-fledged product.

True to her entrepreneurial spirit, Larissa made use of all resources available to her and gained access to the Schoonbee Landgoed Online shop as her exclusive channel-to-market for Lamonne products.

Made with Love, Infused with Joy

Larissa’s name means “Joy”, which is what she hopes to bring to each person using her products. Taking hands with Schoonbee Landgoed, Larissa is able to develop the Lamonne product range fully for the online shop to include an array of products that feature lemons from the Schoonbee farm and honey from the Schoonbee beekeeper.

In this way, Larissa is able to promote job creation and stimulate the economy in the Loskop Valley – the main objective of the Schoonbee Landgoed Online shop.

Lamonne Freshening Spray

Let the refreshing and luxurious aroma of lemons and rose geranium lighten up your home by spraying our newly released Lamonne Freshening Spray.

Made from natural ingredients, our spray can be used to refresh your home, linen and body.

Lamonne Sanitising Spray

Sanitise your household surfaces and hands with the refreshing and luxurious aromas of lemon, rose geranium and rosemary.

Handcrafted from natural ingredients, Lamonne Sanitising Spray is 90% alcohol. Essential oils are added to soften your hands and give your home a pleasant aroma.

Lamonne Intro Pack

Our Lamonne Intro Pack allows you to experience the full indulgence of the bathtime essentials from our Lamonne Lifestyle Products range. Treat yourself or spoil someone who deserves a little self-care.

Visit our online shop and discover our ever-growing range of products.