Time-honoured and Traditional: Introducing our new Boerseep product range

- 28th Apr 2022


Boerseep is a time-honoured soap that has a rich history and origins dating back hundreds of years. The traditional recipe and versatile soap have been treasured throughout generations.

Making Boerseep requires intensive labour, precise timing, and accurate temperature control. Precise ratios of hot caustic soda [lye] and hot beef tallow must be combined carefully and correctly, in a rigorous process that involves science, art, and some muscle.

The traditional method begins with collecting rainwater, adding lye and tallow, and stirring (and stirring and stirring) by hand until the mixture is creamy and the fat and lye have finally dissolved. The stirring is the catalyst that provides the energy required to create this powerful soap.

Boerseep is naturally a biodegradable and eco-friendly product. This pure and versatile soap contains no harmful additives and is greywater safe. Boerseep boasts great conditioning and whitening properties and are suitable for all types of skin and general cleaning.

Schoonbee Landgoed proudly brings you a range of Boerseep products for both personal and household use.


Truly natural self-care has now become accessible as Schoonbee Landgoed brings you two unique Boerseep Body Bar collections. Using traditional methods, the original secret Boerseep recipe is infused with fragrant botanicals and aromatic citrus essential oils made in the Loskop Valley and cut into generous bars ideal for daily use.

Each bouquet collection features two bars with their own unique fragrance and natural benefits. The Boerseep Bar Orange Bouquet contains a body bar with Cinnamon & Rosemary, and a second with Frankincense & Cederwood. The Boerseep Bar Lemon Bouquet features one bar made with Ginger & Turmeric, and another with Charcoal & Lemongrass.

These luxury body bars are suitable for all skin types and healthy for your skin as it consists only of tallow, spring water with lye, and a bouquet of hand selected essential oils. Boerseep body bars can be used for body and face care, has moisturising properties and is ideal for individuals with eczema, psoriasis or sensitive skin.


Boerseep is a multi-purpose household cleaner, ideal to use as a daily laundry detergent as well as stain remover on white or coloured fabric. Each compact and reusable Grated Boerseep tin comes with 500g of pre-grated and fragrance free Boerseep. To use the Boerseep for your household cleaning, dissolve 100g of Boerseep in 4 litres of hot water and allow the mixture to set into a gel. This gel can be used for both laundry and general household cleaning.

For household cleaning, the pre-mixed gel can be used to wash dishes or as a multi-surface cleaner in the kitchen and bathroom. In addition, Boerseep is excellent as a carpet and upholstery cleaner. Boerseep can even be used to wash your pets and keep bugs and ticks at bay.

For laundry, 125ml of gel is dissolved in a jug of warm water and added to a load of washing. This gel is safe for hand and automatic washing with hot and cold water, and suitable for all washing machines. Add essential oils with your fragrance of choice with every load or use as a neutral detergent. For tough stains the gel should be applied generously and soaked overnight for the best results. Boerseep removes all kinds of organic stains including grease, red wine, blood, gravy, grass and mud.

With 32 applications of 125ml gel per 100g of Grated Boerseep (160 applications in total per 500g tin), one tin of Grated Boerseep is more than enough for a household to use for an entire month’s laundry and general household cleaning. By providing you with a versatile and chemical free cleaning solution for your household, we believe we can jointly reduce our impact on the environment without sacrificing on our living standards.


Schoonbee Landgoed Boerseep is exclusively handcrafted by Corne Botha from VELD Boerseep, on the family farm Grootrietvlei, in the neighbouring mountains. Being a cattle farmer’s wife with unlimited access to beef tallow, Corne makes 100% Natural Boerseep to sell friends and family as body and hand soap and as the best laundry soap and stain remover.

Corne and her family are the 7th generation Bothas to live on this farm, and the pot that is used to make the Boerseep has been passed down through the Botha generations. Corne is a natural entrepreneur, and her mission is to make environment friendly, healthy soap available to as many people as possible. Her belief is that we can make a difference to our health if we all try to use less chemicals and more natural products.

Our Boerseep is not tested on animals and made with natural ingredients.

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