With Love from Our Local Bakers

- 8th August 2023

The best kept secrets in small towns like Schoonbee Landgoed’s hometown of Groblersdal in Limpopo are the various entrepreneurs that make their mark in these communities. The Schoonbee Landgoed online shop has the privilege of showcasing some of these intrepid individuals who plant fresh produce and nuts, offer renowned meat cuts and biltong, as well as making craft kombucha and traditional boerseep. In addition to these producers, Groblersdal has attracted many culinary artists over the years.

Sweet Small Town Goodness

In 2022 – just in time for the festive season – we were able to bring one of Groblersdal’s best baked products to the whole South Africa with great success. Our Luxury Fruit Loaf was developed by renowned local baker and businessman, Herman, who arrived in Groblersdal in 2016.
Herman’s love of food bloomed during his early days on the Rovos Rail and Blue Train, serving dignitaries and international celebrities.

Like an artist, he brings together local ingredients to form a colourful flavour experience, his way of perfecting a time-tested recipe with a little touch of his own personality. Packed with dates, nuts, glazed cherries and perfumed with luxurious potstill brandy, this spiced fruit loaf has since become a staple on our online shop.

Lovingly Local

In 2023 we built on our collaboration with Herman as well as local Deli, Manna for You, to create the showstopper product that is our seasonal Fig Delight (available each January), as well as our most recent launch with the master of flavour: Spekboom Relish.
It is these collaborative projects that inspired a whole range of the best baked goods and condiments that Groblersdal has to offer, available as part of our newer Our Local Bakers range, and the established Our Local Pantry range.

Decadent Delights from Willemien Cake Studio

Willemien, our newest Bakery partner, has been a resident of Groblersdal since 1994. She bakes every day and through her time-tested recipes, along with her generous personality, she won her place in the hearts and lives of the local community. Willemien’s love for baking and her determination in turning her baked goods into a sweet and successful business are characteristics inherited from her mother. Using only the finest ingredients, Willemien bakes her sweet treats with love and spreads joy with each delicious bite.

Treat Size Pecan Pies

Schoonbee Landgoed’s first collaboration with popular local bakery, Willemien Cake Studio, was deliciously decadent dessert-size Pecan Pies. The taste and texture of Willemien’s moreish pecan nut pies are unmatched. Enjoy them as is for a sweet treat or serve them warmed up with cream or ice cream for dessert. Beautifully packaged, this dessert pack of 6 portions is an ideal hostess gift for your next Sunday lunch with family or Saturday braai with friends.

Classic Meringue Roll

Our Treat Sized Pecan Pies are such a treat that we could not resist bringing you more from Willemien Cake Studio. Her Classic Meringue Roll is a marvellously indulgent dessert ideal for serving six people. The flaky, sugary crust and generous cream filling are held together by decadent caramel. Top this sweet, fluffy and decadent treat with fragrant blueberries or add a drizzle of pecan nut butter to take it to the next level.


Wholesome and Filling

Our deliciously decadent Ouma Brech’s Rusks are made the traditional way by Manna For You from a time-honoured Schoonbee family recipe. These hearty rusks are a filling snack to serve at teatime or with coffee after a meal.

Make a meal of them by spreading with our rich, buttery Pecan Nut Butter. A quick and convenient hunger buster for when you’re on the go, hitting the trails or escaping to nature for some camping.

Delicious and nutritious

In addition to baking a legendary carrot cake, Hanlie from Baking in High Heels in an energetic presence in the Groblersdal community. Her drive for independence and love for beautiful shoes motivated Hanlie to start her own baking business. Her dynamic flair is evident in everything that she takes on and Hanlie is renowned for her wholesome rusks, decadent cookies and (it definitely bares repeating) her celebrated carrot cake.

Schoonbee Landgoed has partnered with Hanlie to bring you her Omega 3 Rusks packed with the goodness of bran, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, linseed and sunflower seeds. Made with brown sugar, buttermilk and coconut, these rusks are a tasty, more wholesome alternative to traditional rusks.


Visit our online shop to order your next decadent dessert, delivered with love from their kitchen to your home. Watch this space for more hand-crafted baked goods and condiments launching soon.

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