Amazing Graces Training Camp Groblersdal funded by Schoonbee Landgoed


Schoonbee Landgoed realises that it is part and parcel of the greater Groblersdal community.
Groblersdal also includes surrounding villages with many people subjected to poverty, unemployment (43%) and lack of infrastructure. Schoonbee Landgoed invests in the people of these communities by contracting Amazing Graces, a Christian NGO, to empower the youths of these areas.

Amazing Graces’ aim is to improve the lives of people in townships, informal settlements and rural areas in South Africa to create self-sustainable, happy, healthy, educated and morally sound societies. They do this by empowering young leaders to positively impact their communities. Through their uniquely designed Curriculum and projects they address the physical, emotional,
social and spiritual needs of young South Africans.

The AGTC March 2019 Groblersdal group

During a 5-day Amazing Graces Training camp hosted from 19 to 23 March 2019 in Groblersdal, 21 young leaders from the area were equipped with a solid moral foundation and relevant life-skills.

Subjects presented were:
• Biblical foundations
• Democracy education
• Reading clubs
• Vegetable gardening
• Financial management
• Leadership.

The success of the camp is reflected in the following comments:

“The camp gave me hope of life, because I was lost”.

“The AG training camp was very valuable to me. It helped me to know who am I”.

“I found it very valuable, because through this camp I was able to discover so many things about myself. Things I didn’t even know I struggle with or have. I was even able to restore my faith in God and reconnect with Him after so long”.

“It was an important time for me, as I now know how crucial it is for every hand to assist the community. Every little bit helps. I also realized how important leadership is and how to manage my money better”.

“The camp encouraged me to do a lot more for my community. I wish Amazing Graces could have more power to help other people in our community, the same way they helped us”.

“I think what you did with the camp was very good and must be continued. Your camp helps young people change their lives. Please expand more to help others in our community”.

“I considered to go and beg, but learning at your camp changed my mind. Thank you for a super camp”.

“Camp made me realise that we must be determined and dedicated to help others in the community, so we can stand together to move forward”.

“The life lessons taught me how to handle the challenges I face”.

“The presentation format was superb. I would love if the presenters would go deeper on the next camp with issues like how to make money”.

“You can make the training camps better by giving more youth opportunities to participate in the camps. Helping people to accept the Spirit of God”.


Gert Upton [Marketing Manager] introducing Schoonbee Landgoed
Pastor Andre and Pastor Patrick
Practical Sessions: drama
Breakfast in the bushveld
Singing “Thuma minah” (send me) and blowing the shofar
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