Nature’s Confectionery

- 10th April 2024

The world is getting real about health and nutrition with consumer tastes moving away from ultra processed foods laden with added sugar and preservatives. Nature is abundant with unique, sweet and flavourful treats waiting to be harnessed.

Schoonbee Landgoed’s new Nature’s Confectionery product range hits all the marks – real fruit, minimally processed with no added sugar and no preservatives. Many brands will aim to satisfy consumer’s new, more natural sweet tooth, but with Schoonbee Landgoed’s focus on securing the best fresh produce, and with processes that bring out the inherent quality of the fruit, our products are able to hit the mark and deliver on taste and eating experience.

In the Grapes Game

Schoonbee Landgoed produces, packs and exports over 19 different varieties of table grapes. In the harvesting and packing process of these export quality table grapes, some loose berries inevitably occur. On the scale that Schoonbee Landgoed operates, the number of loose berries is significant. In addition to making deliciously natural products we are proud to bring you products that minimise food waste.

Natures Confectionary Grape Chewies

The first of many – Grape Chewies

Schoonbee Landgoed’s new Nature’s Confectionery product range has been launched with our new jammy, flavourful Grape Chewies. You might be asking… is this just a raisin? But no. Only the best locally grown, export quality table grape cultivars are selected to be transformed into fruity, gooey and deliciously chewy sweet treats. Forget the small, hard, shriveled and dry raisins that you know. Grape Chewies are jammy and bursting with flavour.

Berries from the best of each season’s export quality red, white and black table grape cultivars are carefully selected to create three variants of our Grape Chewies – an exceptional sweet treat from nature’s candy collection.

The grapes are hand-cut and dehydrated in small batches with no added sugar or preservatives. For your convenience, each 200g box contains 4 individually sealed portions of Grape Chewies for easy on-the-go snacking for the whole family.

Ridiculously Ruby

This season, the popular Crimson Seedless red table grapes were selected for our Ridiculously Ruby Grape Chewies. Crimson Seedless are juicy, sweet and high in antioxidants and vitamin C.

Seriously Sweet

Our Seriously Sweet Grape Chewies are made this season from the globally sought-after Sable® black seedless grapes. This deep black grape is seriously sweet with complex flavours of sweet Muscat and litchi undertones.

Curiously Candy

For our white Curiously Candy Grape Chewies this season we chose the immensely popular Cotton CandyTM white seedless grape. Cotton CandyTM grapes are as sweet as the sugary treat it is named after and have the unmistakable flavour of candy floss with hints of vanilla.


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