How is Schoonbee Landgoed’s juice made?


Citrus fruits from the Loskop Valley become ready for harvesting over a period of six months. The Schoonbee Landgoed basket of citrus fruit contains various exciting varieties of lemons, mandarins and oranges. Over the course of the citrus harvesting season, the relevant fruit is carefully selected from our citrus orchards at their peak during the season, from where the fruits are then cold pressed and bottled on the farm to capture its pure, delicious flavour in a bottle.

Delivering the best quality products to our customers is our top priority. To ensure that our pure juices are food safe, high-pressure processing (HPP) is applied within 24 hours of pressing the juice to retain all the fresh goodness. HPP is a heatless preservation method that significantly extends the shelf life of refrigerated fresh juices. Using HPP, already packaged fresh juices are submerged in pressurised cold water. The extreme pressure that is applied in the water chamber deactivates harmful bacteria resulting in a product that is completely food safe. [CvZ1] HPP does not damage active enzymes and nutritional contents, giving you the best of both worlds: a healthy juice with extended shelf life.

The applied pressure of 6,000 bar is six times the pressure at the bottom of the deepest place in the ocean called the Mariana Trench.

This innovative technology retains all the taste, colour, and nutritional value of freshly squeezed juice while extending the shelf life up to 90 days when chilled at below five degrees Celsius. HPP Fresh Juices are never heated, and no preservatives are added – making it best in class for fresh, ready to drink juice with extended shelf life.

Utilise the juices within five days of opening, since the HPP preservation is only effective while the bottle is sealed.

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