The story behind the Schoonbee logo

- 20th March 2018

Schoonbee Landgoed had humble beginnings and its original logo back then was different from the one that is well known and loved globally today. Visionary and founder Mr GS Schoonbee registered the farm in 1971 and the Schoonbee Landgoed logo was designed by the small team of personnel themselves.

The iconic Schoonbee Landgoed logo is the symbol of integrity of the brand and its dedication to unparalleled quality, as well as their love and passion for farming. The farm continues to grow and evolve. During our 45 years’ celebration we felt it was time to refresh our logo, reflecting who we are today. In 2016 the iconic predecessor received a fresh upgrade announcing a new era for the farm.

After careful consideration, a sleek and bold design was chosen that captured the superior standards we strive for.



The logo graphically depicts the traditional silhouette of the farm. The clearly marked “S” has two-fold meaning:

  • First letter of the name of the Schoonbee farm which is also the family name.
  • Secondly depicting the two water sources on the farm namely the Elephant’s River and the Hereford Channel, a water channel running through the farm. These key water sources are crucial for our sustainable production of both table grapes and citrus.

The official blue and red colours were kept. The colour blue symbolizing trust and loyalty and the colour red symbolizing passion and strength.

The detailed red and blue lines are an aerial view of the farm:

  • The red lines depict the perfect sequence of the citrus orchards.
  • The blue lines depict the perfect sequence of the grape vineyards.

The patterns in the red and blue also represents the use of netting on the farm, which is vital for the production of quality citrus and table grapes.

The citrus and grapes currently make up the basis of our product portfolio, therefore are intertwined due to sharing valuable resources including land, water and our precious people.

The two edges of the “S” symbolize the existing two families who currently have stewardship of the land. Today, the 3rd generation is already involved and with their passionate teams look forward to a bright future for many more generations to come.

The launch of the new brand marked the beginning of a new chapter in growth for the farm in which we are eternal grateful.

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