Loskop Marathon 2018


Schoonbee Landgoed team is thrilled to continue its multi-year partnership as the official fruit supplier to the Loskop Marathon.
Juicy, healthy, nutritious fruit is one of the earth’s greatest blessings.

Schoonbee Landgoed is enthusiastic about keeping it local! We want to invest in our community and keep it vibrant and unique by supporting our friends and neighbours. Keeping it local strengthens our economy, encourages local commerce, improves our social and environmental heritage and contributes to the overall excellence of our beloved community.
The sponsorship of the Loskop Marathon is more than just supporting a singular event for the Schoonbee Landgoed team. It is about connecting individuals seeking a healthy active lifestyle. Our beautiful country boasts thousands of runners and we love how they embrace athletic lifestyles which include both a balanced healthy diet and exercise. Athletes are always looking for the best
in healthy food to power their training.

We are excited about this opportunity to introduce the exceptional quality and sweet flavour of our Navel oranges while supporting the running community. This is part of our long-term commitment to provide healthy and nutritious fruits to people around the world.

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